Struggling innocence… ğŸ˜ž

This is a poem describing the feelings of those kids who are compelled to work as a labour in their juvenescence. 

Why should I still agonise, 

Shattered destiny had played its role all my life, 

My infancy had already evanesced, 

Crushing my will under their feet, the devils retraced. 

They took my pen and gave me hammer, 

Stole my words and made me stammer, 

My dusty feet had never felt the warmth of shoes, 

The Grey cloud had nabbed my canvas hues.

Sunken eyes look for a pipe dream, 

The weather – beaten hands still want to write, 

Feet on sun – baked mud, hop in pain, 

Prompting to take me away from their sight.

Getting frequent cacoethes, 

Of meeting my makers, 

And asking him once, is this what he sent me here for? 

For working over all the tedious chores? 

Why doesn’t anyone hear my voice? 

My silence shrieks louder than your aloyse, 

Take me out of this living hell, 

Hiding from them, in the caves I dwell…. 

©fountainhues. All rights reserved. 


Daunting dreams… 👿

The world is passing by, 

With every minute you sigh, 

Random thoughts muzzling the truth away, 

No verdicts, no hearings for your say.

Minds humming with the shrillness of albatross, 

All anxieties buildings up its smutty gross, 

The Sombre of the night haunting your solace, 

Burrying all the dues of how you carried your grace.

The sound of the falling stones broke the silence of night, 

The commotion of the clashes growing bigger to your sight, 

Each muffled murmur slightly gives a hint 

That your flickering mirror gives your own glint. 

Somewhere at the end, the thoughts will reach a standstill, 

And the silence will grab your peace, 

When mind goes blank, 

And the world fast asleep, 

And you’ll realize how alone you would be, 

When no one is there to witness the disasters you see.

©fountainhues. All rights reserved. 

Willing to live… 

Life has been gravel all this while, 

Stuffs ruining your peace at your aisle, 

Making you for go the charm you had, 

Destiny being even bitter than your scad, 

Then a time came, 

When whatever mattered sounded lame,

Mercy you didn’t need any, 

Hatred you didn’t feel any, 

Circumstances grew the cogent in you, 

You sounded more reasonable than you thought you do, 

Your pain made you so tenacious, 

Even the biggest of stones couldn’t break you. ❤😇


My inspiration 💕

This one’s for my mom on her birthday ❤

I have loved you in my subconsciousness, 

I have loved you in every possible way, 

But it’s just millionth part of what I could ever say. 

I have been weak, I have been lost, 

With shattered dreams and anxiety trots, 

But you have been the one standing erect, 

Between my oblivion and assets brecht. 

There is a special connect we share, 

I guess we have been tied in together for births, centuries and years. 

You have been a boon to my hastiness, 

A strength to all my insecurities,

An accommodation to my itinerance, 

A suspension to all my locked keys. 

I wonder how God had already known,

Millions of mother in the whole wide world, 

But you will be the only blessing, 

I would be proud to call my own. 😘❤


Subtle expectations… 

All living a life under control

Worrying and stressing over the future cure, 

Preoccupied minds with just a little creativity left, 

Childhood memories suffering a security check.

Just like a river loses its name to a sea, 

He loses its purpose of life, hope and clemency, 

Gets flown in the flood of innumerable questions, 

Expectations and judgment ruining his ambition. 

Coming out of the inevitable rattrap, he realizes,

It was he who complicated his life choices, 

Having been thrown decades back, 

He wondered where in his hardwork did he ever lack. 🍃


When originality dies.. 

The fear of dark withered even the

Little rays of sunshine, 

The ripples in ocean didn’t ever show up again,

These drooping flowers once bloomed magically,

But only the time had watched their blossom season getting attained. 

Catching the moment I will lie here awhile 

Playing with sand, 

Pushing myself towards the winning end, 

Seemingly it is tough to get, 

I was the fish quailing in the fisher’s net. 

Oh! I wonder how I had been living, 

Even the salt was unwilling to dissolve in the sea, 

But just then, the bitter part of life smiled looking back at the memories and wondering, 

Hadn’t I pretended to be like them, 

They would have been willing to be like me.


The poetic walk

“Poetry isn’t what you speak out loud, it’s what you feel deep inside. “

We often fail to express our avidity for this art but every human to an extent loves the language of words offered with this charm. 

So here is me starting a blog for all those poetry admirers who actually feel the beautiful essence of this melodic passion.

It is what touches the soul of even the brutal and nasty humans and here in this world its just the poetry that can satisfy all the illicit illusions. 

All work is copyrighted by fountain hues.