Poetry competition

Hello my wordpress family,

I have participated in an all india poetry competition on instagram, I require the love and support of my wp fam who always loved my writing and encouraged my write ups as a young writer❤️

On nazm_e_hayat page of instagram….

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1 year of WordPress💕

So its aug 6 and On the occasion of my 1 year anniversary on wordpress and not to forget my birthday tooo😂 I pen down to thank all of my members of WordPress fam for appreciating my workk, and encouraging me to do a lot better next timee!

I had a habit of writing poems and articles since I was in class 6 th But I never took it to a platform until this happened!❣

I have also learnt a lot from all of my fellow bloggers not just few who have been here since longg and who actually were a strong source of motivation, who by ending their comments with the *keep writing* phrase made me come back here sooner or later.🌟❣

And so I specifically took out time even in my exams to write for the people who love my work and tried hard not to disappoint them

Last but not least, Thank you alll for being an avid reader and taking out time to come onto my blog everytime and registering your valuable presence, it has always meant a lot for me

My little mess turns 12.. 😍

This poem is dedicated to my little sister❤ I love you yana😘

You are my life’s newest symphony,

Ringing repetitively like the church’s litany,

Phasing me out with your innumerable tantrums,

Yet for me being the most holy sanctum….

The annoying little things you do all day,

To convince people of your unflinching drama,

Will always going to be in your prodigious forté...

The stand alone quest you always follow,

Wisely knowing the notions that are solid and the ones that are hollow,

You make me realize the worth of each second,

Moments spent with you gets all my exhilarations beckoned….

You are the whimsical kid of our house,

Reluctant to give up on the choices you’re fouse about,

No matter you’re ten, eleven or twelve,

I was the warrior’s weapon for my enemies,

And you’ve been my helve….

Being my most prized possession,

And my life’s most precious revelation,

You always give meaning to my survival,

With you by my side , I gleefully welcome my rivals….

People might come and go,

But this shadow will always be my alter ego,

Our stupid little fights will not gonna affect our love ever,

Because all other bossom friends are fugitive ,

But you’re my constant foreverr….💕

©fountainhues. All rights reserved.

A walk of gritty road.. 🍃

Before i start with my poem, a veryy happy new yearrr to my wp fam💙 here is a kick start to this new yearr..! 

Walking over stone, when i had a choice of river, 

Cutting through thorns, when i had the ambience of flower, 

I am hiding through caves, when my silent spring keeps me waiting, 

Struggle is that icing of success, my bewildered soul keeps on hating. 

I have freed my mind from the cravings, to make it struggle for its desire, 

I have got the winds knocked out of me, to make my lungs realize how much they like the taste of air, 

Destiny has been uprooting my canvas clogs, 

But the only answer to my life’s puzzle, “failure is success in mist and fog.”

Unsettling my stoic resignation, aspiration and desolation together thrive, 

They say damaged people are dangerous because they have known how to survive, 

Stare life in the eyes, let it throw its burden to you, 

But you don’t lose your composure, 

Its for this reason god gave you those strongest shoulders. 

Stab me in my face or pull me back into the race, 

Annihilate my wits or get my ambitions slit, 

I will turn my wounds into wisdom,

And drawbacks into strength, 

Come what may, shadows must and will obey, 

Quitting was never my cup of coffee here, 

Because a road with no obstacles never took you anywhere…

©fountain hues. All rights reserved

Vision of battle🔫

Freedom flows like liquid in my veins, 

Pain makes my nerve look green, 

Commiting myself to my mother Nation, 

I have inscribed my life to all incarnations. 

Torn between the battle of country and life, 

Rolling up my sleeves, I toil all night, 

Despite of craving to see my martyred death, 

I hope to live again with each morning breath. 

I might be hurdled but I may not stop,

With bullet shots zooming past my head, 

Whatever I see is like imagery of the rest, 

Shattered souls in the pool of blood shed, 

“martyr feeling is the best”, taking his last breath he said. 

I guess liberalising myself from the deadly commotions, 
Would feel like being trapped a little more, 

Clamping my hands to the rigid limitations, 

It’s like assassinating the bird that freely soars. 

Almighty, I wish that day doesn’t come, 

When all my beliefs turn into none, 

My greatest sacrifice is the more I give, 

To lay down my life, 

So someone else may live…… 

©fountainhues. All rights reserved. 

Struggling innocence… 😞

This is a poem describing the feelings of those kids who are compelled to work as a labour in their juvenescence. 

Why should I still agonise, 

Shattered destiny had played its role all my life, 

My infancy had already evanesced, 

Crushing my will under their feet, the devils retraced. 

They took my pen and gave me hammer, 

Stole my words and made me stammer, 

My dusty feet had never felt the warmth of shoes, 

The Grey cloud had nabbed my canvas hues.

Sunken eyes look for a pipe dream, 

The weather – beaten hands still want to write, 

Feet on sun – baked mud, hop in pain, 

Prompting to take me away from their sight.

Getting frequent cacoethes, 

Of meeting my makers, 

And asking him once, is this what he sent me here for? 

For working over all the tedious chores? 

Why doesn’t anyone hear my voice? 

My silence shrieks louder than your aloyse, 

Take me out of this living hell, 

Hiding from them, in the caves I dwell…. 

©fountainhues. All rights reserved. 

Daunting dreams… 👿

The world is passing by, 

With every minute you sigh, 

Random thoughts muzzling the truth away, 

No verdicts, no hearings for your say.

Minds humming with the shrillness of albatross, 

All anxieties buildings up its smutty gross, 

The Sombre of the night haunting your solace, 

Burrying all the dues of how you carried your grace.

The sound of the falling stones broke the silence of night, 

The commotion of the clashes growing bigger to your sight, 

Each muffled murmur slightly gives a hint 

That your flickering mirror gives your own glint. 

Somewhere at the end, the thoughts will reach a standstill, 

And the silence will grab your peace, 

When mind goes blank, 

And the world fast asleep, 

And you’ll realize how alone you would be, 

When no one is there to witness the disasters you see.

©fountainhues. All rights reserved. 

Willing to live… 

Life has been gravel all this while, 

Stuffs ruining your peace at your aisle, 

Making you for go the charm you had, 

Destiny being even bitter than your scad, 

Then a time came, 

When whatever mattered sounded lame,

Mercy you didn’t need any, 

Hatred you didn’t feel any, 

Circumstances grew the cogent in you, 

You sounded more reasonable than you thought you do, 

Your pain made you so tenacious, 

Even the biggest of stones couldn’t break you. ❤😇


My inspiration 💕

This one’s for my mom on her birthday ❤

I have loved you in my subconsciousness, 

I have loved you in every possible way, 

But it’s just millionth part of what I could ever say. 

I have been weak, I have been lost, 

With shattered dreams and anxiety trots, 

But you have been the one standing erect, 

Between my oblivion and assets brecht. 

There is a special connect we share, 

I guess we have been tied in together for births, centuries and years. 

You have been a boon to my hastiness, 

A strength to all my insecurities,

An accommodation to my itinerance, 

A suspension to all my locked keys. 

I wonder how God had already known,

Millions of mother in the whole wide world, 

But you will be the only blessing, 

I would be proud to call my own. 😘❤