1 year of WordPress💕

So its aug 6 and On the occasion of my 1 year anniversary on wordpress and not to forget my birthday tooo😂 I pen down to thank all of my members of WordPress fam for appreciating my workk, and encouraging me to do a lot better next timee!

I had a habit of writing poems and articles since I was in class 6 th But I never took it to a platform until this happened!❣

I have also learnt a lot from all of my fellow bloggers not just few who have been here since longg and who actually were a strong source of motivation, who by ending their comments with the *keep writing* phrase made me come back here sooner or later.🌟❣

And so I specifically took out time even in my exams to write for the people who love my work and tried hard not to disappoint them

Last but not least, Thank you alll for being an avid reader and taking out time to come onto my blog everytime and registering your valuable presence, it has always meant a lot for me


Poetic wanderer

38 thoughts on “1 year of WordPress💕

  1. Belated Happy Birthday and Bloggerversary too! 😀
    I haven’t been very active on the platform in the last couple of months and I just saw your post 🙂
    I hope you continue to enthrall us with pieces of your writing skill for many more years!
    Cheers & keep writing 🙂


  2. WordPress is amazing and writing is a gift
    Writing is magic that make miracles happen
    The beauty of nouns, verbs, and adjectives,
    don’t appear on paper by magic.
    This was all God’s purpose
    to expose the world your talent.
    You are an excellent writer and this is not a secret


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