My little mess turns 12.. 😍

This poem is dedicated to my little sister❤ I love you yana😘

You are my life’s newest symphony,

Ringing repetitively like the church’s litany,

Phasing me out with your innumerable tantrums,

Yet for me being the most holy sanctum….

The annoying little things you do all day,

To convince people of your unflinching drama,

Will always going to be in your prodigious forté...

The stand alone quest you always follow,

Wisely knowing the notions that are solid and the ones that are hollow,

You make me realize the worth of each second,

Moments spent with you gets all my exhilarations beckoned….

You are the whimsical kid of our house,

Reluctant to give up on the choices you’re fouse about,

No matter you’re ten, eleven or twelve,

I was the warrior’s weapon for my enemies,

And you’ve been my helve….

Being my most prized possession,

And my life’s most precious revelation,

You always give meaning to my survival,

With you by my side , I gleefully welcome my rivals….

People might come and go,

But this shadow will always be my alter ego,

Our stupid little fights will not gonna affect our love ever,

Because all other bossom friends are fugitive ,

But you’re my constant foreverr….💕

©fountainhues. All rights reserved.


Poetic wanderer

23 thoughts on “My little mess turns 12.. 😍

  1. This is such a lovely little poem! I am the younger sibling in my family and now I am off to hound my sister to check if she ever wrote anything this good for me 😀
    Cheers and convey a fellow blogger’s wishes to Yana on her 12th b’day! 🙂

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