A walk of gritty road.. πŸƒ

Before i start with my poem, a veryy happy new yearrr to my wp famπŸ’™ here is a kick start to this new yearr..! 

Walking over stone, when i had a choice of river, 

Cutting through thorns, when i had the ambience of flower, 

I am hiding through caves, when my silent spring keeps me waiting, 

Struggle is that icing of success, my bewildered soul keeps on hating. 

I have freed my mind from the cravings, to make it struggle for its desire, 

I have got the winds knocked out of me, to make my lungs realize how much they like the taste of air, 

Destiny has been uprooting my canvas clogs, 

But the only answer to my life’s puzzle, “failure is success in mist and fog.”

Unsettling my stoic resignation, aspiration and desolation together thrive, 

They say damaged people are dangerous because they have known how to survive, 

Stare life in the eyes, let it throw its burden to you, 

But you don’t lose your composure, 

Its for this reason god gave you those strongest shoulders. 

Stab me in my face or pull me back into the race, 

Annihilate my wits or get my ambitions slit, 

I will turn my wounds into wisdom,

And drawbacks into strength, 

Come what may, shadows must and will obey, 

Quitting was never my cup of coffee here, 

Because a road with no obstacles never took you anywhere…

Β©fountain hues. All rights reserved


Poetic wanderer

31 thoughts on “A walk of gritty road.. πŸƒ

  1. Wow , awesome expression ! definitely you will get success by your strong Passion and desire and very soon you will achieve your goal dear ! God bless you forever πŸ˜…πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

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