Vision of battle🔫

Freedom flows like liquid in my veins, 

Pain makes my nerve look green, 

Commiting myself to my mother Nation, 

I have inscribed my life to all incarnations. 

Torn between the battle of country and life, 

Rolling up my sleeves, I toil all night, 

Despite of craving to see my martyred death, 

I hope to live again with each morning breath. 

I might be hurdled but I may not stop,

With bullet shots zooming past my head, 

Whatever I see is like imagery of the rest, 

Shattered souls in the pool of blood shed, 

“martyr feeling is the best”, taking his last breath he said. 

I guess liberalising myself from the deadly commotions, 
Would feel like being trapped a little more, 

Clamping my hands to the rigid limitations, 

It’s like assassinating the bird that freely soars. 

Almighty, I wish that day doesn’t come, 

When all my beliefs turn into none, 

My greatest sacrifice is the more I give, 

To lay down my life, 

So someone else may live…… 

©fountainhues. All rights reserved. 


Poetic wanderer

85 thoughts on “Vision of battle🔫

  1. How well you expressed your feelings from the vision of a soldier. this was the most captivating poem on this topic. I have got more interested in exploring about this. Keep it up ritzee dear😘😘

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  2. You have duly encapsulated the entire life of a soldier into cluster of words.
    From my perspective I perceive we’re all soldier fighting their own battle of freedom & sustaining stability.

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  3. Thank you for your visit and I congratulate you for your great words, she makes you thoughtful, and I wish you all the best in your plans with your blog good luck and success for the future ,,(*L*) !!!!

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